Survival Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Survival Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain Any survivalist will tell you, the better prepared you are, the better your chances of surviving.  I think this holds true for getting through the holiday season with success. Having a good game … Continue reading

Coconut Oil, The Miracle Oil

 Coconut Oil is one of the best popular health food trends in years.

Coconut oil is not just hype, it really does what it claims.

Coconut oil contains MCT (medium chain triglycerides) which the body readily uses as energy and does not store as fat.  Great news for anyone wanting to lose a few extra pounds.

Farmers wanted to fatten up their pigs and thought using coconut oil would do just that, but instead it leaned them out.  haha!!!

I love fried foods and now that I have coconut oil, I don’t have to give any of up any of my favorite food. I use it for frying liver and onions, over easy eggs, fried veggies, fried chicken, popcorn on the stove and more.

This is why I never feel like I’m on a diet because coconut oil is part of my  healthy lifestyle.

Give coconut oil a try, if you haven’t already, you’ll LOVE IT!!!!

What can it do for you?

  • Thyroid issues; used therapeutically each day will help nourish and heal the very important thyroid gland.

This video does a very good job of explaining why and how:

  • Bodybuilder’s have been using MCT oils for years because they have known for a long time that this very special oil does not get stored as fat.

  • Increases Metabolism:   Bruce Fife, author of “The Coconut Oil Miracle,” states that “coconut oil not only increases the metabolic rate soon after its consumption, but the metabolic rate stays elevated for at least 24 hours after eating.” This is phenomenal news for people wanting to boost their metabolism.

Read more: Coconut Oil & Metabolism |

Other Coconut Sources

Coconut Milk: contains many vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, including potassium, calcium and chloride.  Coconut milk is a great alternative and substitute for dairy.  It helps boost your immune system.

Coconut Butter or Manna:  
freshly made from whole coconut flesh (not just the oil) and puree’d into a fibrous, densely nutritious spread, while giving you the whole coconut nutrition: oil, dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Coconut butter is good to use in baking and for desserts.  I haven’t ventured into this arena yet, but will now.

Here is a great recipe to try:

Coconut Cream: has a higher ratio of coconut to water content.  If you don’t shake it before opening the can, there are two layers.  The top thick white layer is actually coconut cream.  The bottom layer of gray/whitish watery liquid is coconut water. Coconut cream is also suitable for making curries and desserts. You can find this in the Asian section of Whole Foods and at Kroger in the Health Food Section and can make a modified whipping cream.  It doesn’t whip up quite the same but poured on fresh berries is amazing.

Here is a great recipe to try:

Great video from  on coconut oil…..

This is the coconut oil I use:

Update on My Journey……

A little over 3 months into my journey.

I hated to make this post, but out of integrity I had to.

The good, the bad and here is the ugly……

I went from 23% to 25.5% body fat, gained 3# and lost 1# of muscle. What does this mean? I lowered my metabolism slightly by losing 1# of muscle; I did this by not eating enough protein, at 126#’s now, I need at least 150 grams per day.
My weight gain was in the form of body fat not muscle. Body fat is less dense than muscle so this is why I saw it in the mirror.

I haven’t measured my body fat since mid-Sept and didn’t get on the scale either. I could feel the extra body fat and actually saw it in the mirror, it did creep up slowly. How I eat is my lifestyle so I stayed within my foods, but I can tell you I didn’t eat enough and too much of certain foods within these foods. I know it sounds crazy, but not eating enough can be just as detrimental in some people as eating too much.
I also, started drinking 1-2 cups of organic coffee per day. I know (for me personally) this always means extra pounds, usually 5#’s and I know this.

How do I fix it?
Eat more, add a high intensity cardio session 3x’s a week, follow my meal plan more closely and get off coffee.

Making these changes will turn this around in a matter of weeks.  I’ll let you know how I do!

Thank you for sharing my journey with me!

Curry Chicken Salad

Curry Chicken Salad

4 chicken breasts, boiled (use pasture-raised, organic chicken)
1 c. diced organic celery
1 1/2 c. seedless red grapes, halved (you can also replace grapes with shredded apple or pear)
3/4 c. chopped pecan halves or walnut (use soaked and dehydrated nuts, if possible)
Homemade Mayonnaise (recipe below)
Curry Powder, to taste
optional, red pepper flakes

1. Cut the chicken into 1″ chunks, then combine the chicken, celery, grapes and chopped pecans.
2. Make the mayonnaise.
3. Toss the chicken with the mayonnaise. Refrigerate until cold.
6 to 8 portions.

1 Whole egg (pasture-raised)
1 egg yolks
1 tbsp. Dijon style mustard
2 tbsp. lemon
1 1/2 c. Cold Press Grapeseed oil
1 tsp. Himalayan Salt
Process the egg yolks, mustard and lemon in a food processor, about 30 seconds. With the machine running, pour the oil in a thin steady stream through the feed tube to make a thick mayonnaise. Makes about 3 cups.

I love this recipe, which is why I make it all the time for lunch.